Y.W.F. Ventures® - 2022
Y.W.F. Ventures® is a startup scouter that works with Family Offices, high net worth venture capitalists and Scale Ups to streamline the due diligence and the innovation-building process. The main objective is is to connect startups, scale ups and scalable projects to big enterprises. 
The solution we present is a solid identity system, with a custom type, geometry is the main feature of the whole project. Bringing to scene a classical font family, Neue Haas Grotesk, as insurgent and change maker as YWF Ventures.
Client: Y.W.F. Ventures®   —   Service: Branding & Identity System Design   —   Year: 2022   —   Creative Direction: Thomaz Edmundo

São Paulo, Brazil
Y.W.F. Ventures

Thomaz Edmundo

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