NOV. PODCAST - Naming // Branding // Creative Direction                  2020


NOV.PODCAST is a disruptive podcast that seeks to externalize that feeling of late-night conversation, something between friends. Nov. stands as a movement, breathing innovation, disruptiveness and laid-back, something that breaks with the original environment of podcasts.

Based on the brand’s roots, it is essential that the visual identity carried innovative and disruptive strands, as well as avant-garde movements, we soon took the liberty of interpreting the avant-garde and challenging design movement of the 70’s, valuing the counterculture, the high contrast and the fight against the establishment.

The naming process, represented in the next image, was based on the brand key concepts, Innovation and Casuality, so we went to the root of the new word. "New" in Latin, it’s NOVUS,  reducing it, we reach the name Nov.​​​​​​​

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